from the Heart, for the Body, SPIRIT and Beyond

Wonder what it would be like to have your own personal sex-pert in your corner, coaching you on your path to becoming an incredible lover, guiding you on your way to the relationship of your dreams, helping you to heal the wounds that leave you feeling less than whole? Well wonder no more! I'm here to do exactly that for you.

Somatic (body-based) sex and intimacy coaching goes beyond traditional talk therapy or bodywork. Welcome to the intimacy laboratory! Each session is experiential, including a focus on the sensations and wisdom of your body, the power of breath, sound and movements as your allies and taking a truly holistic approach that embraces all of you.

A session may include hands-on/clothes-on practices, breathwork, one-directional erotic bodywork, conversation and more. You can be assured that whether we are working in-person or remotely, coaching and/or bodywork, all of you is welcome and you will be received with the utmost respect, compassion and care. It is my honor and pleasure to be of service. Here are some ideas of what we may choose to work on together:

For Couples: Divine Union

Whether you have just begun to walk side by side with your beloved or you've paved a long road of memories together, feeling deeply and solidly established in intimacy with each other is essential to a healthy, fulfilling relationship. To truly see and be seen by the one you share your days, your heart and your body with can be the most profound and nourishing manner of relating for many of us, and it is also somewhat elusive for many as well.

Perhaps you're looking to bring more vibrancy into your sexual connection, or to learn new ways to communicate authentically. Maybe you want to bring new elements such as tantra, sensation play or open relating into your lives and are seeking guidance. It could be there is a wound in the dynamic that needs healing, or that your roles as parents or professionals have taken precedence over your roles as individuals and lovers. Whatever you're ready to shift, we will bring to it simple, effective and deeply meaningful techniques and experiences to affirm and embody your intention. 

Working together with your partner(s) is a fabulous way to ensure that all involved have a space to be heard and seen, as well as the opportunity for direct, firsthand experience practicing the skills and techniques that I will share with you during our sessions.

For Women: The Shakti Experience

Has your sexuality been shut down after years of neglect? Have the many roles you play in life left you with little energy left for passion and play? Do you sense there's much you don't actually know about your own turn on and are ready to find out?

Allow me to offer loving support and expert guidance as you explore and embrace your full orgasmic potential. It is from this place that your creativity pours forth. Whether you seek to delve  into deeper realms of pleasure in love making, heal the remnants of past trauma, relationships or conditioning, or tap into a fountain of juiciness to overflow into your professional endeavors, the source is the same. Let's journey there together.

Whatever your age, shape, size, cultural backgrounds or level of experience, the essence of the Divine Feminine lives in you, and I'm here to help you connect to that spark within. It is my honor and pleasure to bring you present to the unfolding of your sensual, sexual, creative feminine nature.

For Men: The Shiva Experience

Do you find yourself wondering what it truly means to be a man in this modern day? Are you tired of taking cues from pornography and societal standards that are far out of touch with reality? Has the time come for you to step up as the masterful lover you know you're capable of being?

Together we will create a space for you to come fully into yourself, rooted firmly in your own body, master of your own strength and potency, secure in your ability to be deeply fulfilled in all aspects of your life. While the superficial trappings of success may already be yours, allow me to guide you to the profound, visceral experience of claiming your power, cultivating it with skill and using it with confidence. Your professional and personal life and relationships will never be the same.

I bring the full scope of my experience forward in service to helping you experience your full sensual, sexual, Divine nature.

All sessions are unique co-creations designed to meet your specific needs and intentions. Whether working individually (W or M) or as a couple (C), the following are possible elements that we may incorporate into your experience:

  • Fanning the Flames: sensual and sexual skills and experience to ignite your inner fire and transform you into the lover you desire to be (W,M,C)
  • Owning Your Orgasm: cultivate your relationship to bliss, experience orgasm and multi-orgasmic relating (W)
  • Empowered Ejaculation: harnessing your vitality to work with early or delayed ejaculation and enhanced orgasmic experience (M)
  • Healing the Heart: honor and soothe wounds that hold you back from full expression (W, M, C)
  • Conscious Communication: connect to your truth and learn to express it with compassion and conviction (W, M, C)
  • Returning to Love: rekindle your interest in sex (W, M, C)
  • Harmonizing Sexual Desire in Relationship:  balancing partners with different libidos (W, M, C)
  • Loving the Skin You're In: cultivate genuine appreciation for your body (W)
  • Sizing it up: come into right relationship with the shape and size of all of you (M)
  • Intimacy Embodied: a guided practice in dropping deeply into one's self and sharing authentically with your partner(s) (C)
  • Sacred Touch: learn to give and receive sensual massage - I offer the guidance and you adore one another (C)
  • Tantric Ritual: a sacred, sensual experience customized to your needs and desires, designed to relax you into bliss (W, M)


About Our Sessions


Here is some helpful guidance and considerations to have before embarking on this journey:

  • While single sessions can be a wonderful way to acquaint yourself with somatic sex and intimacy coaching, you will receive far more benefit from a committed series. For that reason, I offer an initial consult to all new clients who want to have that opportunity. If you desire to further your exploration, there are multiple options to do so that I will happily discuss with you to design the ideal fit.
  • Sessions are available in-person in Berkeley (SF), as well as periodically in Boston, NYC and Nashville where I visit multiple times a year to see clients. Video calls are available worldwide so don't feel that distance limits your ability to explore.
  • Cancellation within less than 24 hours is subject to the full session fee as I have reserved this time for you and undertaken the necessary arrangements to prepare the space. Please plan accordingly.

Additional Adornments

The desire to go further into your experience is natural, beautiful and to be celebrated. In addition to one-on-one or partner sessions, I also offer the following ways to bring greater passion, presence and pleasure to your life:

  • Intimacy Embodied for Groups: What happens when we bridge the divide between our body and that of another? When our breath, gazes and intentions mingle together as we lay belly to belly and heart to heart? When we invite someone into our inner world and accept the invitation into theirs? Let’s journey together into the realms of emotional intimacy in this lovingly held practice rooted in the Tantrik tradition where all is embraced and nothing is rejected. Working in pairs we will first co-create an environment of relaxation and safety for the body and sympathetic nervous system to soften into. Once in that space, breath, sound and touch will be our tools in this simple, effective and receptive practice that dissolves our barriers to love and connection, and offers the opportunity to fulfill many of our basic needs that often go under served or unmet.
    • This practice actually originated with my teacher, David Cates, as a group practice and is an amazingly profound and effective way to deepen relationships between groups of individuals. Whether colleagues, community members, housemates, retreat/festival participants or any other group of people who gather intentionally for the purpose of self exploration and meaningful connection, the effects of this surprisingly simple practice truly transform the way in which we see and feel about ourselves and others.