Tips, Tricks and Hacks for a Calm Center

Confession: I'm a somatics pro and lately I've been feeling off center and disconnected from my body. . . So I must admit to some embarrassment around feeling so "not in my body" myself, natural as of a response though that may be. And what to do with my embarrassment? Share it, of course, and let my vulnerability be a teacher for others, not just me.

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The One Thing We’re All Searching For: Could relationship really come down to just this?

It seems impossible, doesn’t it, that there could actually be one thing, just ONE THING, that all of us, regardless of our relationship status, our gender, the color of our skin or our age, are deeply desiring above all else.

How could we be so similar when we seem so different?

How could it be so simple when we’ve been told it’s so hard?

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