Setting Sexy Intentions: Your How-To Guide for Creating Your 2016

Hey you out there, journal in hand, vision board supplies strewn about the floor, getting ready for your conscious NYE celebration! I’m talking to you. Yes, you!

I see you. I know you. I am you.

I love these [totally arbitrary] dates on the calendar when there’s a collective buzz of energy in the field that super charges whatever manifestations we’re making. Think about the humor and play that April Fools Day brings in. And the acts of romantic sweetness that Valentine’s Day fuses the air with. Whether you actually partake in the celebrations or not, whether you even agree with them or not, anytime there are that many people marching to the beat of a shared drum, it impacts our energetic field.

And so it is with a new year. Now is the time when we let go of the old, releasing what no longer serves, and create space to call in the new, resolving to attract, do and be all sorts of positivity. It’s happening right as you’re reading these words, so why not make it happen with some seriously sexy intentionality?

I offer you some inspiration for making your 2016 intentions and resolutions as vibrantly alive and pulsating with the most Shaktified sexiness you can muster:

·      Affirm yourself! Forget about the “I wants” and “I will dos” and stand up for your sexy self by saying “I AM”. It goes a little something like this. . .

Old you: “I want to find a great partner to share my life with.”

2016 you: “I AM in partnership with a beautifully present, kind hearted, devastatingly sexy, ________ wo/man who shares in the fullness of my life. In this relationship I feel abundant, juicy, respected, treasured, safe, loved, ________. Together we are exploring what it is to consciously craft and loving partnership based on the values of ________.”

·      Go big or go home! This is not the time to play small. If you aren’t willing to claim every aspect of your truth as you manifest your coming year, what do you really expect the Universe to do in return?

Old you: “I think it’s time I learned more about being orgasmic so maybe I’ll sign up for some workshop at some point this year.”

2016 you: “Since I know deep down I am an endlessly orgasmic being I commit to exploring and celebrating my juiciness by actively participating in gatherings, coaching relationships, sexual encounters [get explicit here!] that continuously affirm this truth and bring me into deeper intimacy with my own bliss nature.”

·      Shout it out! Ok, I know this might be edgy for those of you who aren’t quite as naturally extroverted or exhibitionistic as yours truly, yet I know you can find your way with this. Sharing your intentions adds even more power to them, so go for strength in numbers and reach out for support.

Old you: ”Dear diary, This year I intend to. . .”

2016 you: “Hey FB community!” OR “Dear my closest sisters/brothers” OR “Beloved, can I talk to you for a minute about something really precious to me?” Enroll the ones around you in your intentions. Share your desires, your dreams, your depth and be willing to trust that you’re opening to the ones who will hold you in loving support as you journey into the new year. And if by chance someone falters and you slip a bit along the way as a result, please know, my dear, that in that too is a precious lesson and blessing.

·      Get current with yourself! Here’s where the aliveness factor really kicks in. Check in from time to time with your intentions once they’ve been set. Dare to be radically honest about the ways that you are or are not living into the full potential of your declarations, of bringing them into being. And ask if they’re still resonant. Maybe something has shifted and you realize you’ve fallen out of alignment with an intention. Let that be an inquiry toward reclaiming your truth.

Old you: “On January 1st I promised that I would start each day with a green juice. Today is March 19th, so even though my stomach curls into knots when I sniff that thing, I’ll keep going.” OR “I promised I would start each day with a green juice, but after two days of my stomaching curling in knots when I sniff it, I give up.”

2016 you: “My intention to drink a green juice each morning is representative of my commitment to bring health and vitality into my physical being. I find that drinking these juices is actually having an adverse physical affect so instead I will try the regimen of supplements my holistic dietician recommended, along with thrice weekly yoga, and fulfill my intention this way.”


Our thoughts create our world, dear ones. So thinking carefully about what you are creating and the energy you wish to carry it forward on. And enjoy the creative process of consciously and fully calling in your 2016.

Happy, healthy, holy celebrations to all!