Let It Be Juicy

I want to paint a picture for you. . .

A woman stands naked in her kitchen voraciously devouring a sticky sweet mango, its juices running down her chin, over her wrists and off the points of her elbows that she’s got propped on the edge of the sink because who could be bothered with a plate when the fruit is so damn ripe and ready?

As she savors the succulent flesh, the succulence of her own thighs drip with the juices of her inner temple that was worshipped all night and morning in the throes of deepest passion with her lover. At moments utterly animalistic. In others totally still. She’s only just begun to stir from her trance-sleep state, ravenous, hair wild, eyes aglow.

She feels the breeze from the ocean blow through her open doors and windows, carrying across her skin and ears the sounds of crashing waves against the shore and morning birds. She looks out to the blue green vastness and swarms of dragonflies are dancing over the sea.

“Let it be juicy.”

These words form in her head, from where she does not know. Who cares? Her body answers with a yes and an undulating wave rolls down the length of her spine, the potent force of creative source, sexual energy, coursing through her, sending out a burst of inspiration, a desire to generate.

And so now I’m sitting with my laptop on my lap, out on my veranda overlooking the sea, still naked though no longer covered in mango juice. The other juices spring eternal. Yes, that was my morning thus far. Yes, that woman is me.

I thought I’d spend some time with my journal this morning, yet the clear directive was to write to you, yes, to YOU!

Those words that resounded in my mind amidst such a deeply present experience in the world of sensation that was in and around me, they weren’t just for me. “Let it be juicy” is for us all.

What I want you to know is that you absolutely can have juicy in your life. It is not a rare privilege, not even some secret tantric teaching. It is a choice. It is a state of mind. And it has to be recommitted to over and over and over again.

Juicy wasn’t always the choice I made. Actually, it still isn’t. I have moments when I get into a funky mood or some deep inner process or the world isn’t working the way almighty little me thinks it ought to, and I dry up. I can feel it happen. There’s a contraction where space once was. Stagnation where there was flow. Literal dryness where my tissues were moist and full.

My life wasn’t always lived in a way where waking up on an island in Thailand surrounded by conscious, loving community, pouring my energy into deep self-inquiry, lovemaking and creating meaningful pathways to share with the world was my focus. I spent more years waking up in urban environments, getting on conference calls with a virtual community of colleagues who were all taking orders from someone else and chances are having far less lovemaking in their lives than they wanted to be.

Somewhere along the journey, even though the words weren’t quite so clear, I chose “Let it be juicy” and I made a massive change. I chose beauty, vitality, love and aliveness. I chose daring, bravery, boldness and truth. I chose to live my life, not be over run by it.

And you can too.

Still doubting me, are you? I hear the voice of judgment and skepticism in your heard! “She’s got something that I don’t have” is ultimately what it’s saying, probably followed by something like “And I’m not actually worthy.”

Let me be the one to tell you that I don’t and you are.  None of us is separate from each other. While we may move about this earth in separate bodies with separate languages and separate lives, all that separation is but an illusion. And questions of worth are an ego-based ploy to keep us in the illusion.

Choose to see past it all.

Choose to surround yourself with beauty, wherever you are and however you can.

Choose to be with people who are also willing to lift the veil a bit and glimpse truth.

Choose to move your body, allow it creative expression, fluid motion, lots of breath.

Choose to break from your plans once and a while, moved by a flash of inspiration.

Choose to prioritize pleasure and self care as essential and beneficial to all.

Choose to expand your mind wide enough to consider you don’t actually know it all.

Choose to trust that when you say yes to life, life says yes right on back to you.

Choose to feel the presence of love as the one constant, even in moments of pain.

Choose to dare greatly, to take that leap of faith, that risk, that will change your life.

Choose to know, in every cell of your being, that you are love and can be none other.