What Would Your Wild One Do?

When you hear the world “wild” used to describe a person, what does it call to mind? Our cultural conditioning has imprisoned that word to denote something decidedly negative much of the time. Out of control. Unruly. Disheveled. Inappropriate. Childlike.

Yet wild is what we are. What we ALL are. And all of us remember this in someway, no matter how small and distant that memory may seem, no matter how well it has been exiled to the furthest recesses of our experience . . .

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More and more and more

Your hand on my heart and your breath in my ear. In stillness, in motion, calling you near.

Dare to enter the deepest realms of this cave. What it takes is pure presence, no need to be brave.

This space within burns hot, like the flames of the sun. Tempered by moon drops, all swirling as one.

Meet me there, and I shall meet you. We'll melt into oneness where once there were two.

Surrender yourself right here at the open gate. Receive in turn my surrender for which you so patiently wait.

At times overcome with wildness, passion in our eyes. At others so soft and gentle, just like a child sighs.

The subtly and sensation, endless troves of treasure to explore. And so the constant whisper is more and more and more.