Heal Old Hurts, Ignite New Intimacy: Transforming early wounds into pathways to healthy relationships

It’s news to many of us that we can actually update to a mature, integrated, well-resourced system of relational skills! You probably update your cell phone’s operating system with far more regularity than you do your internal system, yet it doesn’t have to be that way. It is entirely possible to have fulfilling experiences of abundant intimacy in your relationships and still respect and tend to your unique needs that grew out of your earliest imprints.

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What Would Your Wild One Do?

When you hear the world “wild” used to describe a person, what does it call to mind? Our cultural conditioning has imprisoned that word to denote something decidedly negative much of the time. Out of control. Unruly. Disheveled. Inappropriate. Childlike.

Yet wild is what we are. What we ALL are. And all of us remember this in someway, no matter how small and distant that memory may seem, no matter how well it has been exiled to the furthest recesses of our experience . . .

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