Goddess Worship?

"Your yoni is so beautiful."

What poetry to my soul, never mind my pulsing, throbbing sex, awakening to new levels of aliveness beneath the loving, focused gaze of my partner. As he lay on his belly between my legs, my thighs draped over the edges of a massage table, his eyes following the candlelight that cast a glow upon the delicate, glistening tissues of my yoni, I felt every inch a goddess being worshipped.

It is the nature of the Feminine to adore being adored. She wants to be looked at, appreciated, witnessed and praised for Her inherent beauty. She relishes in being lavished with attention and affection. Just as the goddesses of the Hindu pantheon are bathed with devotion in the form of  incense, flowers, fruits, jewels, clothing, and the list goes on and on, there are infinite ways to worship the goddess embodied as woman. 

It was under that same loving, focused gaze my beloved had fixated on the petals of my sacred flower that it occurred to me he was exploring a territory I had barely gotten to know myself. This was at the beginning of my journey into the art of tantra, and though I'd been having sex with myself and with partners for decades at this point, no one but my gynecologist had ever looked so closely at my yoni. Not even me! And certainly never with such deep and genuine reverence.

I'd peeked in the mirror. I'd let my fingers poke and play. And yet I had never been so present with myself as my lover was that night. I had never given myself the gift of my own devotion. So it was a gift indeed to receive this from another, though it felt a little bittersweet to realize what I'd been missing out on for so long.

I also knew I was not the only one.

Women, we walk around calling ourselves and one another goddess, claiming our Divine Feminine essence, flaunting our empowerment, all of which is wonderful. Yet I can't help but wonder how many of us have actually deeply connected to the physical altar of our exquisite creative center, our palace of pleasure? Have you felt the rippling ridges of your inner terrain, the tantalizing textures of your lips, the viscous vibrancy of your juices? Have you stared with loving intent at the folds of your flower, or better, opened her to see what treasures she holds inside? Have you really explored the art of goddess worship?

This is not mere masturbation I'm describing. It's not just self pleasure. It's prayer and learning to bow before Her beauty, and if you're going to claim yourself as a goddess, it is high time you learned to bathe yourself with the devotion a goddess deserves. Take your time. Savor the experience with all of your senses. By being exquisitely present with yourself, you can access the deepest layers of intimacy. How does She like to be touched? What sensations arise when She's looked at? 

Once you begin to find out, you can bring that same presence and intimacy into your relating with your lover. Show him or her just how to worship the goddess in you. Teach your beloved of the gifts that come when She is properly adored. And offer the same back. Gift your lover your focused attention and gently guide him or her toward learning how to claim their own.  Let the energy of pure devotion wash over your relationship. Your love making, and your life, won't ever be the same.

When you learn to revere the divinity that you are, it extends out to those around you. How would you treat your partner, your children, your friends, if you were seeing them as the gods and goddesses they are? Knowing yourself as a goddess, and knowing how to please Her, feeds your capacity for brining such presence to everyone in your life.

I don't know about you, but that is definitely the way I want to relate! So join me. Let's truly claim our goddess nature, and let the intimate glow of true presence light up our lives.