Coming out: Taking self pleasure out of the shadows and into the light

Arousal increases. . .

Leaning into that excited edge. . .

Intensity rising, bubbling and boiling over. . .


Indeed it is! Dear ones, I'm back! It sure has been awhile. The latter half of 2016 was full on for so very many of us on so many levels, and there's a bit of bashfulness moving through my system when I recognize how many months have gone by without my blogging here. Yet even during that hiatus, I never doubted that when it was time for me to return to this forum, it would be for a VERY good reason. Without further adieu, I present:

POWER TO THE P! A month-long mindful masturbation challenge for personal empowerment.

Before we dive in further, I want to offer a bit of backstory. You see, I have certainly done my dance with self pleasuring, and even shared some of my experience right here on past blogs. Yet what I am feeling right now as I undertake a committed mindful masturbation practice as part of my curriculum for Sexological Bodywork training is different than anything I've felt before.

This is about SO much more than pleasure, people. Coming is icing on the cake. This is about personal power. We are living inside of a moment in our collective experience that is downright terrifying to so very many of us, when life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are at stake in a way that many, myself included, have never known. And while there are many wonderful and necessary ways to take action, perhaps none is more essential than to ensure that you are well resourced and standing in the sovereignty and divinity of your own being before stepping forward to stand for anything else.

So a few days ago, after the first of my solo sex practices as part of this ongoing professional training I'm embarking on, I got a massive hit of inspiration and decided that I would share my mindful masturbation journey with you. Even better, I'm inviting you to join along by making a commitment to your own pleasure and power and taking a journey too!

It's simple. Each day from February 1st through February 28th I commit to at least 30 minutes of mindful masturbation (more to come on what that means) and I also commit to a video and/or written account of my experience with the intention of leading from my authentic vulnerability and stripping shame and confusion away from solo sex. I'll offer some hits of inspiration and resources too, and I encourage you to make your own commitments to yourself to structure a journey that feels right for you. So follow along on my Facebook page and/or YouTube channel for your daily dose.

I'd love to hear from you, whether in response to my shares or if you feel called to offer some of your own. And if you should desire it, I'm available for coaching and one-on-one support, yet beyond that, there's nothing you need to do, no group to post in, no payment to make, nada. Simply dive into this opportunity to know yourself more, to feel yourself more, to empower yourself more through the path of presence and pleasure.

Power to the P! The people! The pussies! The penises! Woohoo!