True Nature

Beloved. Be Loved. Be Love. Be. Love.

Try though we may to separate ourselves, we are One with the Source of All, and that Source is Love. And my do we try, us humans with our egos!

I’ve been observing myself lately, particularly in the last few weeks, falling in and out of this trap of illusion. In a rut, a funk, a slump, call it what you will, in moments I’ve managed to all but completely convince myself that I am something other than Love. I’ve been so identified with my pain points and my shortcomings and my utter humanity, that I have lost sight of the one thing I know in the deepest depths of my being is true: I Am Love.

And even as I have slid down this rabbit hole, I’ve continued to acknowledge my beloved partner as Love, to bring their True Nature of Love to the awareness of friends and clients, to bow daily before my own understanding of the Divine as Love, and yet somehow still set myself apart. Amazing how I can be least forgiving, compassionate and aware toward my own self all too easily. 

In this, I know I am not alone.

It’s the grand illusion that plagues most all of us. It’s the suffering of the human condition. And for all my Truth seeking and inner questing, I am still so very attached to my humanity, to my doing, to accomplishments, appearances and attributes, rather than my Being. In moments I forget that all the doing is not who I Am. I forget that I Am not my mind nor my body, my emotions or even my sensations. All of these help me to know myself, yes, and yet they are not all of Me. I Am not them.

As Love, I Am wider than definition, bigger than body, louder than voice.  I Am the sweetest taste of ripe summer cherries. I Am the salt of the ocean blown in on a breeze. I Am the electric jolt of lightening illuminating the night sky. I Am the presence of ecstasy in moments of deepest pleasure. I Am the calm that accompanies even the darkest pain.

I know that I Am This just as surely as I know You Are too, Beloved. And so I write this reminder, to me and to you, that it’s okay, it’s actually all we can “do” to Be Loved. Be Love. Be. Love.

Tat Tvam Asi. Namaste.