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Power to the P! A month of mindful masturbation

Join me in celebrating self pleasure! Here's to the joys of happy pussies and penises and the personal power that comes from taking our pleasure into our own hands. . . literally!

February is already a month when love is celebrated in a big way, yet rather than having the focus be on a commercialized version of partnered romance, let's all tend to our primary relationships with our own sweet selves. You're invited to open up to possibilities unknown when we cultivate an intentional practice of self loving built on conscious touch, focused breath and powerful presence. And in this current climate when the "powers that be" are actively seeking to disempower the masses, now more than ever connecting to our inherent potency is not just a diversion. It's a necessity.

I am training in a modality called sexological bodywork, which I am so excited to add to my offerings in service to healing pain, eliminating shame and upping the game of all those incredible beings I'm blessed to support through my work. And among the many criteria of this six-month training includes a dedicated mindful masturbation practice, so I figured why not letting the sharing and inspiring begin right now?!?

Here's the scoop: Starting on February 1st you are invited to join me in committing to at least 30 minutes each day of mindful masturbation. This is a solo practice that benefits from the energy of knowing others are out there doing the same[ish] thing at the same[ish] time. And I will be sharing a daily video blog as well as other musings, inspiration and resources as we go so that you can follow my journey and let it serve as a source of ideas and insights to inform your own.

You can have total anonymity during this process if you choose or feel free to share loudly by commenting on my posts or creating posts of your own. #PowerToTheP and #MindfulMasturbation will be our tags.

All you need to do to join is state your intention. Email with your name, location and a statement of your commitment to this practice, crafted in your own words, so you can consider what this means to you and why you want to take it on. Perhaps it's a brief sentence, perhaps more. Be assured, your information will be kept confidential unless expressly agreed upon in advance.

Then follow along with the daily posts. You can access them on my YouTube channel or my Facebook page.