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Self:Cervix 21 Day Journey

This is an invitation to enter a life-changing and pleasure enhancing journey where you’ll learn the principles of self de-armouring  – a process that releases trauma, pain, and numbness inside the vagina and cervix.

The release practices offered in Self:Cervix open and expand your capacity to feel more pleasure and states of orgasm.

Self:Cervix is a healing journey that brings you home to your Self and your womanhood.

Join a community of women around the globe who are taking this journey for themselves and for the greater good. Share as little or as much as you desire in our private online forum and receive feedback, support and camaraderie from coaches Darshana Avila and founder Olivia Bryant as well as other participants.

You'll be given access to a wealth of resources, including coaching videos about the practice itself as well as interviews with a broad range of experts sharing their wisdom on much of the material that is encountered as we dive deeply into this exploration for ourselves.

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