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Yoni Bearers Pleasure Circle, a 6-part series

Soulful Self-Pleasuring? Mindful Masturbation? Sister Sex Talk? All this in a sacred circle of allies and friends?


You are cordially invited into the time honored tradition of women gathering to share in the marvelous mysteries and potent power of their erotic nature. Just as the priestesses of so many ancient civilizations and the female members of tribal cultures came together to investigate and revere the sacredness of their sexuality, so too will we create a circle for an exploration of our exquisite selves to unfold.

We’ll begin with the question “What is erotic to you?” and from there we’ll travel, individually and collectively, down a path to greater pleasure, self expression and empowerment.

~ You want to experience new ways of accessing pleasure in your body
~ You want to explore more of your sensual nature
~ You love to self pleasure and want to share it
~ You feel shy about the idea of sharing your pleasure and want to gently press your edge
~ You value community connection based on vulnerable, authentic sharing
~ You desire to feel more empowered and expressed in all facets of your life
~ You want to get new ideas, techniques and inspiration for masturbation
~ You aspire to know yourself more fully and deeply

~ Dates and times: We meet every other Thursday from July 13 through September 21. Doors will open for set-up at 7:15pm and the circle will be held from 7:30 - 9:30pm on the following dates:
July 13
July 27
Aug 10
Aug 24
Sep 7
Sep 21

~ Your investment in self: The tribute for this series is $200. All members are required to be there for the first circle. By making this investment, you are also making a commitment to the circle that allows for one absence, ideally pre-planned and always communicated as soon as possible. True emergencies are of course exempted. This is an invitation to really dive deeply into a container that supports profound self inquiry and empowerment, so you are encouraged to take full advantage by showing up for yourself and the group.

~ Stepping into the circle: Registration/payment information and supplies needed will be given once accepted into the journey. If you’re interested in joining and have not worked with Darshana previously, you’ll have a brief call prior to being given registration information. This is an opportunity for any questions to be answered in full and to ensure the sanctity of our container by weaving in individuals who are truly aligned with this exploration. To express your interest and arrange a time to speak, please visit

~ Opening circle: For our first gathering we’ll focus on connection and creating our container. This will include chances for all of us to bring our voices in, sharing about what’s vulnerable, what’s scary, what’s exciting and everything in between, as well as creating agreements for our time together and covering logistics for the remainder of the journey.

~ Practice circles: For the remaining sessions we’ll arrive and set our space, each participant creating her nest for the evening complete with all the cozy adornments and sexy supports she desires (more details on that upon registration) and then have several moments each for a check-in while sharing some delicious delights. From there we move into a 45-minute exploration of pleasure that might include movement, making art, self massage, masturbation, taking a nap, sensual eating or anything else that feels amazing to you in the moment. That gives way to a brief integration period, time for journaling and closing check-ins before we part ways.

~ "Sharing this sacred experience among sisters felt natural, nurturing and life giving. I loved how we were each welcome, exactly where we were. There were no expectations, except to hold a safe space. It was a beautiful opportunity for me to be with and explore myself, in the sacredness of sisterhood." Amanda, Mother

~ "I didn't realize how much I needed a nurturing space like this one to give myself a chance to unwind, to truly love up on my fabulous self in the most perfect way, and to be held in the embrace of the other sisters as they were held in mine. This space was much less about physical pleasure and getting off, and so much more about turning inward to truly inhabit one's skin, to come home to oneself and to feel safe to fully express our bliss." Leslie, Tantra Educator

~ "Thank you for creating this space! it was a beautiful opportunity for me to explore unapologetic indulgence." Bina, Gynecologist

~ "I'm delighted and sweetly surprised by the beautiful holding that came from being in a circle together as women. Such tender vulnerability in it, as well as encouragement and turn on. . . This journey together has been very rich, deep, expansive and meaningful. Thank you so much for creating a safe and beautiful container." Dalia, Coach

~ "It was an amazing and beautiful circling experience unlike anything I've ever known before. Darshana created a safe nest for us to blossom in our deep self journey. The closeness to each other and the reclaiming of my relationships with my body were the biggest takeaways for me from this experience. i feel inspired to keep going on the path of self pleasure, in service not just to myself but to those around me," Kasia, Counselor

Darshana delights in guiding her clients and students to feel and perceive more, and from there, experience more pleasure, purpose and power in their lives. A trained Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coach, with a rich background that includes Somatica relationship coaching, Sexological Bodywork, extensive study of both classical and modern Tantra and multiple yoga teaching certifications, she brings equal parts passion, playfulness and professionalism to all she offers. Her practice is based in Berkeley, CA where she offers private sessions that include experiential coaching and erotic bodywork for individuals and partners.