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Awakening Desire: Pathways to Igniting Everyday Intimacy

Desire. We’ve all got. We all feel it. But do we actually understand it and know how to engage our desire(s) to actually experience what we really want - in life, in love, in relationship?

Step into Intimacy Lab’s Awakening Desire, an experiential investigation of what desire actually is for you. Together we’ll explore ways to first truly IDENTIFY YOUR DESIRE and from there NAME YOUR DESIRE clearly and effectively so that you can ultimately RESPOND TO YOUR DESIRE both in relationship with your own self and with others.

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Desire is the root of all we are and all we do. Desire calls us out of bed each morning and drives us to nourish ourselves at the most fundamental level. Desire inspires us to create and connect and is the force the pulls us towards intimacy. Desire is the pure essence of our eroticism and the fire that fuels us as we move in the world. Desire is the stuff of Life.

It’s essential to get to know your desire without the mind and ego calling the shots, but instead cultivating a strong and clear connection with the seat of desire: your body. Awakening Desire is all about co-creating embodied experiences to bring you deeper into relationship with your vitality and empower you to move from a place of authentic connection towards what you truly want in life.


  • Want support to discover, express and fulfill your deepest desires

  • Find yourself frozen or scared when it comes to revealing your true desires

  • Want to learn how to turn people on rather than scare them away with your desire

  • Struggle with feeling unreciprocated desires

  • Feel have a hard time knowing what you want and feel disconnected from your desire

  • Get confused by conflicting desires and end up feeling stuck

  • Want support around desires that feel shameful or embarrassing

  • Crave peace around unmet desires or incompatible desires in your relationship(s)

  • Need tools to practice discernment around when and when not to follow a desire


  • Tools to awaken desire within yourself and with intimates

  • Practices to stoke the fire of your embodied self

  • Support to balance safety and risk-taking

  • Exercises to be present with your desire and let go of attachment

  • Guidelines on how to attune to self and other

  • Permission to experience pleasure

  • Space to process of old disappointments and loss

  • Tools to clear old beliefs systems rooted in lack and not enough

  • Inspiration to call in a sense of possibility and anticipation

  • A safe space to clear of shame connected to your desires


  • All genders

  • All sexual orientations

  • All relationship statuses

  • Those who are comfortable with and have the emotional maturity to explore personal and relational intimacy that may include sensual but non-sexual touch and verbal expressions of an erotic nature.

All activities with be done fully clothed and there is no overt sexual contact. Enthusiastic consent is the baseline of our exploration. You are at choice for the level of participation you wish to engage in at every moment and your enthusiastic NO is just as valuable as your enthusiastic YES throughout this workshop.


  • Saturday, July 15 from 2-5pm at FlowSpace 6315 Doyle St. Emeryville 94608

  • Doors open at 1:45pm so please plan to arrive early enough to settle in comfortably

  • $20 Early Bird tickets until Wednesday, July 12. $30 thereafter and at the door

  • Tickets available at


Darshana and Lorina are the co-founders of Intimacy Lab where you can explore eroticism straight from the source - your body! In Intimacy Lab we take an experiential approach to learning about all things intimate. Expand your awareness in the realms of sensuality, sexuality & relationship in a juicy, inspired and supportive community space.

Darshana Avila delights in guiding her clients and students to feel and perceive more, and from there, experience more pleasure, purpose and power in their lives. A trained Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coach, with a rich background that includes Somatica©  relationship coaching, Sexological Bodywork, extensive study of both classical and modern Tantra and multiple yoga teaching certifications, she brings equal parts passion, playfulness and professionalism to all she offers. Her practice is based in Berkeley, CA where she offers private sessions that include experiential coaching and erotic bodywork for individuals and partners. Virtual sessions and intensives in other locations are also available. Learn more at


Lorina Manzanita MA, SEP has been professionally helping people get comfortable in their own skins since 1998. She loves helping women and men transform old wounds and create juicy, soul-satisfying love lives. She is a Somatic Sex & Relationship Coach, certified Somatic Experiencing© Trauma Resolution Practitioner, writer and teacher.

Lorina is a JFK University graduate. Her approach integrates a number of healing systems that honor mindfulness and the body's intelligence. Her influences include but are not limited to Somatica© Sex & Relationship coaching, the Hendricks relationship coaching, Shakti Malan Somatic Sexual Presencing, developmental trauma resolution with Diane Poole Heller and Larry Heller and CoActive Coaching with CTI. You can learn more about Lorina here: