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HoneyRoot: 6th Annual Summer Retreat

I'm honored and delighted to return to the HoneyRoot hive for the 4th time. This will be my 3rd year as a facilitator and organizer of this precious event, and invite you to join me and experience for yourself the profound magic that unfolds in this gathering.

HoneyRoot's Summer Embodiment Retreat is an annual celebration of Women's Embodiment and Intergenerational Collaboration. It's a place to explore, expand, and truly inhabit ourselves as women.

Annually, we host a dynamic convergence of fantastically embodied women. Through our array of potent, enlivening, deep-diving course offerings, we extend a four-day invitation to come home to your body and to the precious bond found in true connection. We bring younger women an opportunity to embark upon rites of passage held in the hearts and devotion of the larger community, and we invite women dancing the dance of elderhood to bring us their playfulness, their shyness, their longing, the good medicine of their life experience, and the treasures of their hard-won wisdom.  A RE-MEMBERING for all women, whether you've been to the summer gathering before or not. 150 acres of natural beauty, a gorgeous creek, deliciously prepared food, evening rituals, live music, andS P A C E to just be.

Located among the pines, oaks, and maples of Shady Creek Retreat Center in Nevada City, CA, HoneyRoot provides opportunities for us to open our bodies to the wisdom that lives inside each of us and the love that inhabits our collective heart.

We, organizers and facilitators, do our best to create a strong container, a safe playground, and a loving womb for the sake of the realization of our feminine embodiment. We look forward to welcoming you into the Hive this summer!

HoneyRoot knows that in order to have the impact that we desire on the empowerment of women and bodies, in general, we must stay dedicated to creating an intersectional community.

Here at HoneyRoot we explore the realities of our own privileges as well as intersecting oppressions in order to understand the impact on ourselves and others. We are dedicated to building greater awareness in ourselves and support our participants in doing the same. We seek to use our privilege to amplify the voices of those who are not normally heard and support and encourage our larger community in doing the same.  We honor the Diversity of all beings and stand in solidarity towards ending systems of oppression.