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MeToo: An All-Gender Communal Witnessing Ritual

In direct response to the powerful surge of the #MeToo Campaign, you're invited into a space of communal witnessing, processing and healing, hosted by Darshana Avila and Stem Kent with the support of East Bay Community Space.

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During this gathering we offer an opportunity for people to come together in person and explore the effects that our predominant culture of gender-based bias, conditioning, harassment and violence has on us all. This is a time for us to reveal parts of ourselves that may be calling for care and to remember parts of ourselves that are our essential nature.

You will have opportunities to bear witness and be witnessed, to speak and to listen, to move and to be still. All of you will be held in a container predicated on integrity, safety and care. You are encouraged to participate as fully as you wish and to honor moments when you may need to tend to yourself away from the group field.

Throughout our time together there will be processes designed to build trust within the circle, to develop a shared understanding of the breadth of our cultural wounding for people of all genders, and to support and empower each other as witnesses to the emotional expressions that have long been suppressed. Integration will be an important emphasis, so your attendance for the entire event is required.


We will go slow. We will listen. We will keep breathing. We will care for ourselves. We will care for each other.

We hope to, as a community, interrupt the perpetrator-victim programming and offer a container for people to feel empowered in their stories and validated in their witnessing, bringing us closer to the kind of relating we know is possible beyond the norms of our current collective moment.


9:30-10am Arrive

10am - 1pm 1st Session

1-2:15pm Lunch break (bring food or go nearby)

2:15-5pm 2nd Session

*Doors will open at 30min before the event begins and we ask that everyone please arrive within that window so we can begin promptly at 10:00am for the introduction, agreements and grounding.

*For safety within this container, we will close our doors to additional participants at 10:15am. Also, if you are unable to stay until completion at 5pm, we kindly ask that you not attend in order to maintain the integrity of the group.


We will speak specifically to how and why binary gender terms are being utilized throughout the process as there is a specific intent designed to foster the greatest amount of depth and richness in our shared processes while still honoring people's individual experiences.

There will be a time for every person to have the opportunity to step in and participate in important ways, as much as you desire, and also time to cultivate experience as a sacred witness and the practice of deep presence.

This is a donation-based event, so you have the option of naming your ticket price as well as selecting from one of the pre-established tiers. HUGE THANKS to East Bay Community Space for their support of this event.

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The nature of the material we'll be tending carries an inherent emotional impact for many. As such, the risk of triggers involved in addressing this topic can never be entirely eliminated. The facilitators will mitigate risk to the best of their ability by establishing and upholding a clear container. There will be trained practitioners in the room to address individual needs if and as they arise. However, THIS IS NOT THERAPY. We ask that you check in honestly with yourself to determine if you are truly resourced for an event such as this at this moment in time. If you are personally experiencing intense challenge with what has arisen from the #metoo campaign or the recent fires or any other event in your life, we lovingly discourage your attendance at this event and fully honor you for choosing excellent self care by not showing up. If you wish to discuss your personal circumstances directly, reach out to Thank you.

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Darshana is a Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coach working with people of all genders in the realms of their deepest and most personal expression and fulfillment. She has trained in sexological bodywork, Somatica Method and NeuroAffective Touch, among other modalities. Her approach is rooted at the intersection of classical tantra and modern neuroscience, trauma-informed and relational in nature, and is influenced by her extensive history with conscious dance, authentic movement and yoga asana to create embodied, experiential healing spaces for those she serves.

In addition to her private practice, Darshana also holds space as a facilitator and experience creator associated with various workshops, festivals and conferences. She is part of the core team behind HoneyRoot Women’s Embodiment Retreats, and its mixed-gender offering, CommonRoot, helping to produce and facilitate those events. She also co-leads the Bay Area Meetup, Intimacy Lab.



With a degree in Sociology and his involvement with the ManKind Project, Stem founded the Masculinities Dialogue to challenge the cultural paradigm of toxic masculinity and rebuild a culture based on acceptance, respect, trust and humility. And as an avid partner dancer, Stem revitalized the North Bay Fusion partner dance community, based in Sebastopol, to cultivate a village of deep attunement, authentic connection and radical creativity. He is also a sustainable food entreprenuer, running Alive & healing, a tempeh manufacturing company providing fermented, whole-food, plant-based protein to the local foodservice industry.

The Masculinities Dialogue is a forum to deeply discuss and actively challenge the ways in which our mainstream culture of Masculinity affects boys, men and people of all ages, genders and identities. Through thematic monthly gatherings and intentional social media curation, the Masculinities Dialogue facilitates much-needed conversations focused on how to best foster healthy, dynamic and authentic personal and collective expressions of masculinities.