I’m delighted that you (“you” or the “Client”) have chosen to receive sex and intimacy coaching services from me, Darshana Avila (“I”, “me” or the “Practitioner”). This Client Agreement (the “Agreement”) will describe the relationship between you and I with respect to the services I will be providing you.

Sex and Intimacy Coaching

Somatic (body-based) coaching differs from other therapy in that it emphasizes your connection to your body. It also emphasizes the importance of experiences, as opposed to thoughts, as the central vehicle toward deeper freedom and choice. During our work together, there will be times when I invite you to experiment with yourself, your partner (if you are coming in as a couple) and with me around emotions, touch, intimacy and connection. All of these experiments are in service to you having a deeper understanding of your own internal process. Touch is only used with your permission and you have the right to stop or change AT ANY TIME, for any reason, any touch or experience in which we are engaging. I will respond to your request respectfully and without question.

While the focus of our work together is the improvement of your sexual and relational life, there may be other areas of your life (i.e. work, school, family history, etc.) which inform your sexual and relational well-being. As such we may need to discuss these and other realms in order to help you move through relationship and intimacy blocks. I am NOT a licensed psychotherapist or massage therapist and am not required to be licensed in order to practice somatic sex coaching in the State of California.


Practitioner and Client hereby agree as follows:

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