Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coaching for Partners

Are you looking to bring more vibrancy into your intimate connection, or to learn new ways to communicate authentically?

Do you want to introduce new elements such as tantra, sensation play or open relating into your lives, or skillfully navigate differences in libido or desire?

Has there been a breach of trust in your relational dynamic or have your roles as parents or professionals have taken precedence over your roles as individuals and lovers?


Whatever you're here to explore, somatic sex and intimacy coaching offers simple, effective and deeply meaningful techniques and experiences to affirm and embody your intention. Whether you have just begun to walk side by side with your beloved(s) or you've paved a long road of memories together, feeling deeply and solidly established in intimacy with each other is essential to a healthy, fulfilling relationship. To truly see and be seen by the one(s) you share your days, your heart and your body with can be the most profound and nourishing manner of relating for many of us, and equally elusive for many as well.

Working together with your partner(s) provides an opportunity for each of you to be witnessed and held as an individual while simultaneously identifying what is most in service to the highest good of your relationship. You’ll receive embodied experience practicing the skills and techniques that I will share with you during our sessions, as well as real time, authentic feedback and guidance from a skillful expert whose focus is to be an ally for the well being your relationship as well as your sovereignty.

Sessions for partners may include:

·       Balancing desire – figuring out what really turns each of you on and how to be met

·       Stepping into the realms of sacred sexuality to deepen your ecstatic expression and connection

·       Exploring different flavors of eroticism such as romance, passion, dominance and submission

·       Redefining orgasm – learning new ways to evoke and express your creative erotic power

·       Incorporating more passion, play, tenderness or other experiences into your relating

·       Being guided in new ways of touch – erotic massage, different types of orgasm, sensation play and more

·       Connecting to your “yes” and your “no” through boundary explorations and pleasure mapping to negotiate satisfying sensual play

·       Healing relational trauma: breaches of trust, infidelity, emotional neglect and other experiences that have eroded your connection

·       Practicing the art of intimate communication – asking for what you want in ways that invite connection and learning to truly listen