Self Guided Journeys

for erotic wholeness

Forget floundering around wondering how to innovate your date night or staring at the ceiling, bored with the same old self loving routine. I’ve gathered up some of the most important and engaging pearls of Erotic Wholeness wisdom and placed them in a pretty package for you to unwrap and explore. With a combination of potent video transmissions and a variety of exercises and resources for you to explore, these journeys bring a megadose of Erotic Wholeness into your intimate life and day-to-day flow.

For couples

Turned On: Igniting Your Best Sex

Whether you are longtime partners looking to get unstuck from a rut or a new couple wanting to make sure you don’t fall into one, getting Turned On and Igniting Your Best Sex is a gift to your relationship, one that will keep on giving!

Get ready for a sensuous, heartfelt, engaging experiential journey to an improved intimate life that gives you some of the most meaningful insight I’ve gathered from working with couples of different ages, orientations and backgrounds over many years.

Here’s what you can expect to explore and experience:

  • Uncover and share about the deeper meaning beneath your drives and desires

  • Practice being intentional about creating space for emotional and physical intimacy

  • Identify, honor and communicate about your heart and body’s experiences

  • Bring curiosity, creativity and skill to your physical touch

  • Learn to ask for what you want and hold vulnerability and shame with care

  • Navigate differences in boundaries, needs and desires in ways that deepen connection

What’s included:

For Individuals

The Erotic Wholeness Toolkit

Your Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure & Everyday Magic Practices

Honey, sometimes you just need to make it all about you! Really.

In a dominant culture that strives to sever us from our bodies, hearts and pleasure at every turn, learning how to embody our eroticism can feel like a struggle and intimacy like an elusive experience that others have but we’re somehow missing out on.

We’re taught to strive for superficial, lofty, performative goals and measures of success but discount our very real need for nurturance, care and a steady foundation. It is both radical and utterly necessary to press pause on that narrative and create space for a new story to emerge.

What lies ahead are some of the most precious practices, encounters and tools in my toolkit, the very same one I use in my personal life, the very same one I share with my clients. I want you to have them because I want you to know who you truly are and feel all the pleasure that is yours to feel.

What’s included:

Frequently Asked Questions

Erotic Wholeness is holistic approach to somatic sex and intimacy coaching, focused on inviting more pleasure, ease and connection into your body and your relationships. The core values woven into Erotic Wholeness – trauma informed, nature based and justice oriented – make it a unique pathway that will enhance not just your sex life but your whole life.

Somatics centers on the wisdom of the body (soma) rather than the mind (psyche) as is typical of many aspects of western culture.

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