Yearning for better sex? Hungry for more intimacy?

Ready to revive your relationship?


Are your days filled with duties and obligations that leave you with precious little time or energy to devote to feeling good?

Have your sexual encounters become more ho hum than mind blowing as the laundry list of your life keeps getting longer?

Do you find yourself lonely and craving for deep intimacy and connection despite being surrounded by constant company?


If you're nodding yes and this is sounding all too familiar, let me start by telling you that you are not alone and all hope is definitely not lost. I promise. And if you're really ready to stretch big, try this on for size: It's not your fault, and there is absolute nothing wrong with you.

Has your inner skeptic chimed in yet, wondering "how could she be making such assertions without even knowing me?" Are you about to navigate away, back into cyber space, convinced that your fate is sealed to have infrequent and uninspired sex and a boring, lonely life for the rest of your days? Hang in there with me, just a minute more, ok?

I know that hope is not lost and that there is nothing wrong with you because, like you, I have been through my own journey, dedicated to discovering what it actually takes to be truly gratified in my relationships and fully turned on in all of my life - in and out of the bedroom. And among the many incredible lessons I've received along the way, one is indisputable: we live in a culture and a time that simply does not teach us how to excel in the realms of intimacy and how to succeed in the arena of relationship. How can we blame ourselves for not knowing how to thrive when no one has prioritized showing us the way?

I am here to do exactly that.

As a trained sex and relationship coach and experienced tantra practitioner, self confessed intimacy junkie and professional sensualist and lover of the wilds of nature, I've dedicated my life to making these subjects my highest priority and guiding others along their journey. I am devoted to rewilding ourselves, to embracing our erotic essence in every aspect of our lives, and I am here to support you.

Imagine if these skills were taught to us from an early age alongside the academic subjects that have mostly gone out the window as our paths have wound further and further into adulthood. What if a passing grade in understanding eroticism, voicing desire and demonstrating passion were prized as highly as reading, writing and arithmetic were? That's the kind of world I want to live in!

So that's the kind of world I've created for myself, and am here to share with you!

In a world of do more and get more in order to be more, it is radical to consider that there is no more for us to be than exactly who we are. Who we are is dynamic, divine, brimming with wisdom and ripe with potency, if only we learn how to truly be present with ourselves and those around us. And when we establish that degree of presence, we connect with the undeniable, inherently erotic nature of our being. It's fascinating just how creative we naturally are. It's inspiring just how expressive we can be. I welcome you to explore yourself, your life, your lovers through a new lens as you open to the true nature of your being: built for intimacy and capable of deeper depths and higher heights of ecstasy than you've ever imagined.

I am honored to serve as your coach, cheerleader, mentor and guide as you rediscover your own inherent magic, recognizing yourself as the divine being you truly are and reclaim the vibrant, passionate aliveness that is your birthright. You were born of ecstasy and it is yours to embody in every possible way.

With a signature combination of modern, diverse embodiment techniques and somatic practices,  drawing from my training in both the Somatica Method and Sexological Bodywork, woven together with the ancient knowledge found in the wisdom of Tantra, and held in a trauma-aware framework, I am dedicated to providing the missing piece of your educational foundation and giving you practical tools, real life experience and access to a bliss beyond your imagination because I know for a fact you both deserve it and are absolutely capable of having it in your life.

If this undertaking sounds radical, that's because it is! It is also profoundly simple! It is such a privilege to share this radically profound simplicity with you, and with the world. I look forward to journeying together toward your ecstatic awakening.

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