Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coaching for Men

Has the time come for you to step up as the masterful lover you know you're capable of being?

Would you like greater confidence and clarity in navigating and fulfilling certain sexual desires?

Do you want to learn new pathways to intimate connection and self-expression in your relationships?

Are pornography and societal standards keeping you in performance mode and you’re tired of the race?


There are so many reasons why men might consider somatic sex and intimacy coaching as a way to bring more passion, relaxation and satisfaction to their lives. Deep down you know there’s more to experience and this is your chance to step in that direction, guided by a woman who can serve, in turns, as mentor, healer, muse and teacher. Together we create a space for you to come fully into yourself, rooted firmly in your own body, master of your own strength and potency, secure in your ability to be deeply fulfilled in all aspects of your life.

Perhaps your intimate life has lost its luster after years in a long-term relationship or you’re in the dating world and need a roadmap to enhance your explorations. Maybe your relationship to pornography has replaced real-life connections and you’re ready to make a change. It could be that performance anxiety; premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or medical complications are interfering with your intimacy. Whatever brings you here know that this space is sacred, dedicated to enhancing your experience of power, purpose and pleasure in all facets of your life. It’s a space where all of you is welcome, expectations are set aside and you can step into a new paradigm of what it means to you to be a man.

Sessions for men may include:

·       Moving beyond cultural conditioning, shame and performance-based intimacy

·       Empowering your desire – figuring out what really turns you on and how to call it in

·       Stepping into the realms of sacred sexuality and awakening your true ecstatic power

·       Exploring different flavors of eroticism like romance, passion, dominance and submission

·       Awakening your orgasmic self and exploring the power within you when orgasm is freed from ejaculation

·       Receiving the feminine nurturing you might long for from your younger years or in your current experience

·       Connecting to your “yes” and your “no” through boundary explorations and pleasure mapping to negotiate satisfying sensual play

·       Healing physical trauma through scar tissue remediation, therapeutic erotic touch and deep presence

·       Practicing the art of intimate communication – asking for what you want in ways that invite connection and learning to truly listen