Whether your journey is an individual one or you’re here to explore alongside your partner(s), making a commitment to enhance your intimate life is a powerful first step. I’m here to guide you further down your path, taking steps toward greater pleasure, passion and power in your life.

Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coaching is at once progressive and cutting edge while being rooted in established ancient wisdom and healing practices. It is different from traditional talk therapy and many other styles of bodywork as your erotic nature is fully welcome and we lean into authentic relational dynamics and touch as essential supports along the way. I draw on the influence of several modalities and schools of thought, including somatic intimacy coaching, sexological bodywork and tantra, providing a trauma-aware, high-integrity container for you to explore within. All of the sessions, regardless of modality, are somatic in nature, meaning focused on the body, and holistic, meaning all of you is attended to, body, mind, heart and spirit. Your wildness is welcome as are your wounds. Your tender parts along with your fiercest longing. Together we co-create dynamic and profound ways for you to move beyond challenges in your sexuality, feel confident and fulfilled in your intimate relationships and tap into the sacred spiritual power of your eroticism.


Somatic Sex & Intimacy Modalities:

What they are & What they're good for

Your Coaching Sessions: What to expect from your exploration

Our initial Exploration Call is your chance to share with me about what matters most to you and receive answers to the questions you have in order to feel confident about moving forward together. From there you’ll decide how you’d like to begin and we’ll determine the modality(s) and session lengths that will be most supportive.

Enjoying the full expression and deep fulfillment of your sexuality and satisfying, gratifying relationships are essential to thriving in life.  In whatever ways we choose to work together, guiding you to the experience of awakening ecstasy in your everyday is my honor and commitment.

Dedicating a spacious amount of time to dive into the potent material of your intimate life is the first step. Sessions range from 60 to 120 minutes, with coaching sessions typically lasting 60 to 90 minutes and bodywork/tantra sessions lasting 90 to 120 minutes.

We have options for how to connect to accommodate your unique needs and preferences. Video coaching is available for those who live at a distance and in-person sessions are offered at my office in Berkeley, CA. On occasion I may offer sessions elsewhere during travels, so please inquire to determine what is possible.

You might try a single session, begin with a series or if you either live outside of the Bay Area or simply want to capitalize on the momentum, choose to create an intensive format where we work together over a short span of time for consecutive sessions to bring you closer to the experience of intimacy you desire.

Who is Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coaching for?

·      People of all genders, races, abilities and ages (21+)

·      Those who are single, dating, married or in any form of open relationship

·      Individuals and/or partners

·      All sexual orientations

·      Anyone who has a sincere desire to know themselves more fully, explore their eroticism and be more fulfilled in their intimate relationships

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