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I write this on the evening of January 19, 2021. Tomorrow is inauguration day and Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and a host of other politicians will take office at the helm of our nation, symbols of deeply needed change and healing.

My hands go to my heart and my yoni as I pause to reflect on this.

I sense my deep hope. I sense my trepidation. There’s a pulsing energy moving through my lips, those of my mouth and those of my vulva. Everything is connected.

There is so much of tremendous significance that is happening around us right now, but what I really want to point you toward is the tremendous significance of what’s happening IN YOU.

Your body.

Your heart.

Your breath.

Everything that is playing out on the political stage, the momentousness of this day ahead, the stakes that seem to rise ever higher, that’s not only happening “out there” in some distant place. It’s also happening right here, inside your skin and bones.

And just as I guide people to be more present with themselves in their intimate life and in their sex, to slow their pace and pause occasionally so they can really check in, to be curious and creative in service to having experiences that honor their desires and boundaries in the here and now, I want to invite you to do the same with ALL that is happening in your world.

Whether it’s what’s happening in the capitol or in your bed, your capacity to meet the moment from a place of resource and show up for it fully and well has everything to do with how tuned into yourself you’re able to be.

Make no mistake. . . this may sound simple, but it definitely is not easy.

We live in a culture that has been hell bent on keeping us as tuned out and disconnected as possible. That is what capitalism wants. That is what patriarchy thrives on.

So just as we are witnessing progressive and radical changes occur in our society at large and in the political sphere, the first woman, and woman of color, taking office as Vice President and the most diverse and inclusive cabinet in history, I encourage you to the progressive and radical acts of paying exquisite attention to yourself and tuning in to what you really need, want and are available for, moment by moment.

Maybe you need to stop scrolling on your phone. Maybe you want to be kissed with more conviction. Maybe some hand holding before the groping and fondling begins. Maybe some time connecting intimately with the earth.  

The options are as endlessly creative as you are.

The changes that we are working to bring about outside of ourselves must arise from the rootedness we embody within ourselves.

If you wish to learn yet are unsure of the way, please know I’m here to show you how.


Erotic Wholeness Guide

I believe that each of us tending to our personal erotic liberation is an essential contribution to our collective liberation.

My journey began as a precocious child who loved to dance, move, touch and speak her mind boldly. I once thought I’d become a lawyer and spent more than a decade building a successful corporate career early in my adult life only to find my heart calling for something radically different. That call led me to blaze a path across the terrain of sexuality, somatics, social justice and soul.

Inspiration and guidance have come to me from many sources, including the potent voices of the Black intersectional feminist movement, the pancultural wisdom of many earth-based traditions and powerful modalities such as Somatic Experiencing and Sexological Bodywork.

I’m deeply honored to serve and inspire in the ways I do.

"Touch Yourself" Ebook


This guide is here to introduce you to the practice of Mindful Masturbation Meditation as a means of deepening intimacy with yourself and coming more alive in all aspects of your life. So yes, I mean your sex life, but also so much more!

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