Sexological Bodywork

This style of somatic sex coaching encompasses what most other bodywork modalities leave out – your eroticism and your entire body, inclusive of genitals. It is highly therapeutic, offering a safe space to heal wounds, remedy dysfunctions, improve your sexual response and enhance your pleasure. If working with your partner(s) it can also be a teaching lab for specific skills and techniques you may wish to use together. As a practitioner I am dedicated to bringing my unconditional positive regard to bear as I hold space for whatever is unfolding in and for you. Touch is exclusively one-directional from me to you, I remain fully clothed and gloves are used for all genital contact.


Sexological Bodywork is a fantastic resource for:

·      Healing Trauma In the Body (Sexual and otherwise)

·      Scar Tissue Remediation

·      Inability to Orgasm

·      Pain During Sex

·      Masturbation Coaching

·      Erectile Dysfunction

·      Premature Ejaculation

·      Performance Anxiety

·      Shame & Negative Sexual Conditioning

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