Somatica is an experiential, body-focused coaching style that brings you into contact with sensation and emotion as you take a dynamic, sometimes hands-on, approach to navigating the relational field. It has the feel of being a relationship laboratory where you get to explore and workshop the realms of intimacy that are most alive for you and receive authentic feedback and guidance from me serving as your practice partner, counselor, mentor or whatever role is most supportive to your intentions and desires.


Somatica is a fantastic resource for:

·      Exploring Desire

·      Balancing Differing Libidos & Pleasure Profiles

·      Exploring & Sharing Fantasy

·      Navigating Open Relationships

·      Addressing Relational Challenges

·      Deepening Intimacy & Connection

·      Experimenting With New Erotic Expressions

·      Enhancing Communication Skills

·      Building Confidence

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