Tantra sessions are an energetic, spiritual and embodied exploration dedicated to experiencing what possibilities are available when seeming polarities such as relaxation and arousal, masculine and feminine energies, shadow and light are united rather than held apart. A journey of integration and wholeness with a strong emphasis on refining the powers of perception among all your senses, in a tantric session you can expect a greater degree of energetic interplay and connection between us as you expand your awareness and open your heart to new realms of intimacy. One definition of the word tantra is “to weave” and in that spirit, I weave together classical tantric wisdom from the Sri Vidya and Kashmiri Shaivite traditions with modern tantric teachings from contemporaries such as David Cates, Margot Anand and Daniel Odier.


Tantra is a fantastic resource for:

·      Exploring Embodied Spirituality

·      Bringing Sacredness to Your Sexuality

·      Practicing Breathwork & Meditation

·      Experiencing Full Body Orgasmic States

·      Incorporating Ritual Into Intimacy

·      Lovemaking As An Act of Devotion

·      Learning About Feminine & Masculine Archetypes

·      Understanding the Power of Intention

·      Attuning More Fully to the Erotic Pulse of Life

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