Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coaching for Women

Has your sexuality been asleep after years of neglect and you’re ready to awaken it?

Have the many roles you play in life left you with little energy left for exploring passion and play?

Are you ready to begin healing the pain of past trauma that still lives in your body, heart and spirit?

Do you sense there's much you don't actually know about your own turn on and are ready to find out?


These are just some of the reasons why women find themselves drawn to somatic sex and intimacy coaching, to having the loving support and expert guidance of a practitioner whose sole focus is to hold space for your expansion. There is tremendous healing and empowerment transmitted from woman to woman. Free from the relational dynamics that weave a complex web in our intimate connections, in the space we co-create together, you are held in every aspect of your being without any expectation of reciprocity and completely free from judgment. You’ve spent enough time performing and meeting the standards and needs of others. This space is for you.

Whether you seek to delve into deeper realms of pleasure and intimacy in lovemaking, heal the remnants of past trauma, relationships or conditioning, or tap into a fountain of juiciness to overflow into your many endeavors in life, the source is the same. Let's journey there together. Whatever your age, shape, size, cultural backgrounds or level of experience, the essence of the Divine Feminine lives in you, and I'm here to help you connect to that spark within. It is my honor and pleasure to bring you present to the unfolding of your sensual, sexual, creative feminine nature.

Sessions for women may include:

·       Learning ways to invite new qualities like softness, strength, sensuality, etc. into your being

·       Stepping into the realms of sacred sexuality and awakening the power of your inner priestess

·       Exploring different flavors of eroticism like romance, passion, dominance and submission

·       Receiving the maternal nurturing and love you might not have had in your younger years

·       Healing physical trauma through scar tissue remediation, conscious touch and womb care

·       Reclaiming your power, your voice, your passion or any other facet of your being that you’ve disowned

·       Awakening your orgasmic self and exploring the wonders of your yoniverse through erotic massage

·       Connecting to your “yes” and your “no” through boundary explorations and pleasure mapping to negotiate satisfying sensual play

·       Practicing the art of intimate communication – asking for what you want in ways that invite connection and learning to truly listen