Nourishment Through Our Wilder Nature

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Plug right into the very source of our aliveness: the wisdom and wonder of our bodies and the body of Mother Earth!

Join Me In An Intimate Circle Of Soulful Somatic Seekers

for 2 days of embodied exploration and inspired sharing where we get to both empty out and fill up our proverbial cups.

As the springtime warmth from our solar source spreads across the land and deep into our bones, it’s the perfect time to reSource ourselves in sacred space and reConnect to the flow of the erotic pulsing within.

Eros is so much more than what most of us have been taught. It is our life force, our creativity, our dynamism. It expresses through our senses, our emotions, our passions. And while our sexuality may be part of all that, it is by no means the most important part.

Find out for yourself as we explore a wide array of non-sexual erotic expressions together.

We'll spend time...


We will reMember ourselves to our erotic nature, our truest belonging.

As we become reSourced, we will experience our erotic nature as the fuel for all we desire and create in life, not something to be commodified or constrained, over-sexualized or shamed.

Curiosity piqued? Fantastic!

Allow me to fill you in on some additional details so you can arrive at your authentic choice. . .

What will we do?

Our days will begin (at 10am) and end (by 6pm) in circle formation as the bookends of our ritual space, and include time for rest and solo reflection, and of course, lunch and snack breaks.

In between, you’ll receive invitations to foster connection to your deepest self, each other, your Allies in Erotic Embodiment – breath, sound, movement and touch – as well as your surroundings.

These will include:

  • Wandering: a form of embodied nature connection designed to help you open up all your senses and your imagination
  • Breathwork: gentle guided breathing practices to help soothe your nervous system and drop you deeper into your body’s innate intelligence
  • Guided Meditation: harnessing the power of mindfulness and visualization to help you occupy your body and surroundings more fully
  • Sensual Somatic Practices: a variety of possibilities, all with a focus on liberating your spine, hips and pelvis and tuning into the pleasure of your erotic aliveness 
  • Nourishing Touch: facilitated explorations in laying hands, whether on yourself, with a partner or in a small group. . . with informed, enthusiastic consent always the baseline
  • Vocal Liberation: unleash the potency of your voice, sounding, toning, singing, praising and expressing in all the wise, wild ways your body knows

Why should I join?

This space is for you if. . .

  • You spend your days holding space for others and crave a space where you yourself can be held (I’m looking at you healers, helping practitioners, parents, etc!)
  • You are curious to explore your eroticism in it’s full scope, rather than limiting it to the sexualized and commodified expressions our dominant culture condones
  • You haven’t quite shaken off  the sluggish hibernation vibes of winter and welcome a structured boost to bring spring alive within yourself
  • You’re tired from too much screen time and crave a well held in-person space to connect, body, mind and spirit, with yourself and others
  • You’re intrigued and excited by the idea of exploring through all of your senses, including touch between you and you, you and wild nature, you and others
  • You love the ceremony of being in a sacred circle, communing with nature and your own sweet self, tuning into pleasure and welcome the chance to do more of it
  • You’re newer to being in a sacred circle and/or communing with nature and your own sweet self, tuning into pleasure, and you’d curious to be initiated into a loving way

Where will we be?

Our 2-day ritual will take place in 2 distinct locations, one of them in a regional park, the other in a private residence, both in Oakland, CA. Specific locations details will be provided to those registered, along with all the information needed so you can be as comfortable and prepared as possible in both places.

A ReSource will be taking place on unceded land of the Lisjan Ohlone people, a portion of the retreat fees will go to Sogorea Te Land Trust.

Who is this for?

ReSource is offered for all women and non-binary and gender expansive folks with internal reproductive anatomy. All sexual orientations, races, shapes, sizes, spiritual beliefs and other intersections of identity are warmly welcome.

Since this space will be held by an able-bodied white, cis woman, should you have questions or concerns about your sense of belonging and comfort, please feel free to address those with me prior to registering.

Additionally, as this will be held partially outdoors and involve various forms of movement and touch, should you require accommodation for such activities, please contact me directly so we can determine whether or not this is an aligned offering.

How much is it?

Your investment in yourself can be made across the sliding scale of $222-$444. 

Please consider contributing at the highest level that is possible for you, knowing that it supports others in participating, me doing my work in the world and our ability to give even more generously to Sogorea Te. 

If you are unable to contribute within this range, there may be an opportunity for partial work trade or financial assistance, so please reach out and let’s collaborate!

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