Your Journey To Erotic Wholeness


Some seek this path because they are ready for...

Deep Liberation

You have done enough work to know that the only way to release the binds of past trauma and conditioning is through the body.

Profound Intimacy

You have self awareness enough to acknowledge your blocks and are ready to turn toward radical transformation.

Expansive Eroticism

You have had your fill of sex and sensuality that’s simply good enough and are here for authentic, unbridled expression.

Whatever your reason why, if you sense that you are ready, I stand ready to serve as your mentor, co-conspirator and guide.
Here’s How We Can Work Together
Immersion Experiences

This is your very own Sex, Love and Goop Experience where we spend 3-4 intimate days together in person supported by 3-4 months of integration video coaching to help you steep in the transformation.

Video Coaching

A powerful way for you to receive in depth support right from the comfort of your own home allowing you to go deep either for yourself or with a partner

Whole Bodywork

We’ll take a progressive embodied journey to support you in developing greater ease, intimacy and confidence with your boundaries, desires and pathways to pleasure.

Looking for more self-paced journeys?

Explore My Library of Self Paced Courses

Forget floundering around wondering how to innovate your date night or staring at the ceiling, bored with the same old self loving routine and take your a self directed journey to Erotic Wholeness instead.

Combining potent video transmissions and a variety of exercises and resources for you to explore, these embodied experiences will infuse your intimate life and day-to-day flow with a potent dose of Erotic Wholeness.

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