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I love to dish about all things Erotic Wholeness and this is your chance to listen in as I chat with the hosts of some of your favorite sex positive podcasts

Goop Podcast

I had an incredible time chatting with Gwyneth Paltrow on the goop podcast.

We continue the conversation from Sex Love & goop, touching on everything from my personal journey to finding where sex and spirit met to how we can skillfully let our partners know what we need and want in the bedroom. You won’t want to miss this!

Shameless Sex Podcast

Sexual Trauma: What is it, who has it and what to do about it?

What happens to the mind/body/spirit when someone experiences sexual trauma? How does sexual trauma show up in sex, intimacy and relationships? And what are some ways folks can begin to heal from their sexual trauma?

Starting at 30min and 30sec of the recording, I share answers to these question and more in a deep and juicy conversation with April and Amy, aka Chip and Dip, of the Shameless Sex Podcast

Sexology podcast

What a treat to chat with Dr. Nazanin Moali on the Sexology Podcast.

In this episode we cover the importance of touch in human connection and intimacy, introducing gentle verbal redirection for better touch, normalizing asking for consent and use words to ensure safety and so much more…

Untethered Voice

Untethering your voice is not just about speaking. Its about reclaiming your power, letting your creativity burst out of you and using your human voice, even as it shakes, as a channel of your soul. An untethered voice is one that holds unique power because of how very long it has been held back. And finding yours will be one of your greatest assets in authentically building your business. Hosted by former Emmy award-winning journalist, storyteller, visibility guide and human cheeseball Cara Jones.

Superhumanize Podcast

Erotic Wholeness, Eco-Sexuality, Cultural Scripts for Sexuality, Invitations for Deeper Intimacy and more.

I had a great time chatting with Ariane Sommer of The Superhumanize podcast! We delve into the steps of getting in touch with your Eco-Sexuality and reconnecting with nature, as well as how cultural scripts disconnect us from our pleasure.


Magnetic Conversations podcast

Have you ever wondered how true closeness blossoms? What if we said it’s about scheduling some intimacy-dedicated time? Tuning out the distractions and embracing the magic that unfolds.

Join me for this conversation with Agne Gilyte where we dive into the secrets of nurturing deep connections.

Shameless Sex Podcast

So much fun to be back with Amy and April of the Shameless Sex podcast, this time to talk about one of the intimate acts we enjoy most of all, kissing, and how the art and skill we bring to this act have the power to enhance and expand our sensual and sexual connections.

We all dish a bit about what has and has not gone well in our experiences and I share some pro tips on everything from why presence matters most and why technique isn’t necessarily as important as you might think. Dive in at minute 19:45!

The Queer Spirit Podcast

What a delight to chat with Nick Venegoni of The Queer Spirit podcast! Beyond sex to eroticism, how the wilds of nature can enhance our turn on and help us heal our trauma, and learning how to thrive in life when we don’t always have the role models we need are just a few of the threads woven into this rich conversation.

How might you find your authentic expression of your self, your sexuality and your queerness, if that is part of your identity? May this chat help you uncover the answers!

Root Awareness podcast

It was an absolute pleasure to talk with Caroline Lewis from the Root Awareness Podcast.

In this episode we delve into harnessing the sensual as a power.

Click through to hear the whole conversation!

Owning Your Sexual Self

I love dishing on what intimacy coaching, sexological bodywork and my specific flavor, Erotic Wholeness coaching, are all about, and in this fun, honest conversation with Rachel Maine of Owning Your Sexual Self, I did that and more!

“When we can be curious about ourselves, about our sex, about our experiences whole worlds of possibilities open up.” ~ yours truly. So get curious if you dare and listen in to see what might open up for you.

Finding Erotic Wholeness as a Mother

Superpower Mommas, this one is especially for you! In ways subtle and not, society has crafted some very limiting and inaccurate narratives around what it means to be both a mother and a sensual, sexual being.

Listen in on my chat with Tatiana Berindei from the Superpower Network to unpack some of your own self limiting beliefs and be inspired about the many ways that you can authentically embody your erotic wholeness as a mother. 

Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators

Expand Your Menu of Pleasure

Wondering how to invite more pleasure into you life? Add some variety to your masturbation experience? Communicate your desires more clearly when with your partner?

I chat with Jordan D’Nelle of Vaginas, Vulvas and Vibrators podcast about some of the foundational aspects of the sex, intimacy and pleasure pillar of Erotic Wholeness.


Mindful Masturbation, Clit Mapping, Favorite Toys and Beyond

Reclaiming the word masturbation and making it about more than just our get off is a powerful step to embodying erotic wholeness. Quickies with yourself can be great, but when that’s all that’s happening, chances are you’re missing out on a lot. And did you know that there is SO MUCH MORE to the clit than just the little pearl most of us tend to reference?

I talk with the ladies of ClitTalk about all this and more.

Sexology Podcast

Becoming An Amazing Kisser Takes More Than Just Your Mouth

Dr. Moali of the Sexology Podcast invited me to speak about kissing as part of her Sexual Skills Series, but naturally, there is SO MUCH MORE to explore than what we’re doing with our lips when it comes to understanding what makes a good kiss.

School of Wonder Podcast

What a treat it was to connect with Andrea Scher of The Creative Superheroes Podcast. We chatted about the BTS of how I came to be on Sex, Love & goop, what it’s really like to work with a Somatic Practitioner and how we begin to heal the fragmented parts of ourselves.

This one has some juicy questions, so sit back and enjoy…

Power Reclamation

Sex, Love & Erotic Wholeness.

Take a listen to my chat with Anne-Marie Marron from the Power Reclamation Podcast.

What are the scripts that we all learn about sexuality and our sexual desires and scripts that keep us in smaller boxes? What happens when we have the courage to explore these limitations and break through? Who do we become when we liberate our erotic life force as a form of healing power?

Love, Sex, & Intimacy Podcast

It was an absolute pleasure to talk with Sarah Rose Bright on a range of topics, including what happens in a Sexological Bodywork session, how to change sexual habits in intimate relationships with some specific guidance for men and how to explore the range of erotic expressions available to you.


Click through to hear the whole conversation!

Devotional Anarchy

It was so lovely to chat with Isha Vela from the Devotional Anarchy podcast! In this episode we talk about the skills that are required to create space for a deeply satisfying and connected sexual connection as well as the intersection of Somatics and social justice, and sex and social justice.

Voice(Is) Podcast

It was a pleasure to sit down with Julie and Casey to discuss pleasure as a nutrient, a “more than sexy” definition of erotic, the importance of self- AND community care, and the ultimate cure for burnout. Along the way, we get into why the Powers That Be don’t want us to be embodied — and how staying connected to and feeling pleasure in your body may be one of the most powerful ways we can disrupt oppressive systems.

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