It’s ok to brag!

In our society “good girls” are taught not to brag or boast just as readily as they’re taught not to ask for more or go against the grain.

And even those of us who are unequivocally saying “screw that!” inwardly and outwardly will find that disentangling ourselves from that conditioning can be easier said than done. Am I right?!?

While I genuinely hold a high value around humility, there are different ways to define that. One of which is to be teachable, to be open to being impacted by aligned, integrous influences, to be willing to evolve. You can know your worth and be humble at the same time. These are absolutely not mutually exclusive.

As we evolve beyond the “good girl” imprints that once upon a time may have served us well but presently are keeping us in a state of dissatisfaction, one of the ways we get to grow is by acknowledging our badassery and feeling confident in articulating it to others. 

We know our worth and we assert it. As we do, we get to shed the sense of shame we might feel when it comes to so-called boasting, because this does not have to be that.

When we speak truth to our gifts, beauty, wisdom, capacities, etc. we are allowing ourselves to be seen. And being seen in our authenticity is a vulnerable, courageous act. It’s also a way we get to tell others about how we want to relate, what our preferences, desires and boundaries are, some rules of engagement as it were.

Allow me to give you an example. . .

I count exquisitely attuned touch skills, dialed in space holding capacities and a talent for making edgy conversations inviting and accessible as my super powers. I know I’m a total badass in these ways and people around me, in both my professional and personal realms, know to expect this from me, which lays a foundation of clarity and ease in our connections. 

There it is! A humble brag! Honestly, it feels so good to share it because I want you to see me accurately and I want you to know what you’re getting into when we’re relating.

Whether you become a private client who I guide in a deep diving transformational journey or a member of the Erotic Explorers Collective who leans at a gradual pace and prioritizes community connection, now these are among the ways you know we can relate. Yay clarity!

Beyond humble brags made up of my own words, here are words I gratefully received from some incredible humans I’ve shared space with recently. . .

You are an amazing combination of deep expertise as well as empathy. Thank you for creating a safe space to explore in areas that can be difficult and making it fun! ~ Tracy, Private Immersion client

Your leadership was very important to my experience. You created a safe, balanced container and met everyone where they were at. That is something many people don’t do well. I also appreciated how you tended to the closing of our container. That was a huge gift as I’ve felt that missing in other groups! ~ Katie, Pathways to Pleasure: The Journey participant

Here’s a loving challenge for you: come up with a humble brag of your own if you’d like! And if you’d like to have my support in growing this and other edges in service to your Erotic Wholeness, be in touch and let’s talk. 30 minute complimentary exploration calls are always available to those who are ready to lean in.


Erotic Wholeness Guide

I believe that each of us tending to our personal erotic liberation is an essential contribution to our collective liberation.

My journey began as a precocious child who loved to dance, move, touch and speak her mind boldly. I once thought I’d become a lawyer and spent more than a decade building a successful corporate career early in my adult life only to find my heart calling for something radically different. That call led me to blaze a path across the terrain of sexuality, somatics, social justice and soul.

Inspiration and guidance have come to me from many sources, including the potent voices of the Black intersectional feminist movement, the pancultural wisdom of many earth-based traditions and powerful modalities such as Somatic Experiencing and Sexological Bodywork.

I’m deeply honored to serve and inspire in the ways I do.

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This guide is here to introduce you to the practice of Mindful Masturbation Meditation as a means of deepening intimacy with yourself and coming more alive in all aspects of your life. So yes, I mean your sex life, but also so much more!

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